Ahad, 16 Ogos 2009

Doctor Oh Doctor

Since my niece Jaja showed me how to develop my very own blog, I have no time or chance to sit down to write something in it. At my age and working in the IT hospital, my knowledge on IT is not so good. However, I don't have problems to use IT in my daily work ie in seeing and managing patients. Of course, a doctor at my level, most of the typing is done by my doctors. If I am asked now whether to work in manual or IT hospital, obviously I will choose hospital with THIS. I have been working for 10 years in hospital with THIS, I found IT really help me to be more organised and seeing patient effectively. I know that many of my doctors friend disagree with me. Patients claimed that doctors in hospital with computers are less friendly and they are busy looking at the computers rather than looking at them. However, I have a different feedback from my patients. It is up to you actually. Computer is there to help you in providing you with the patient's data that you need, make your medication or investigation orders, but how to see your patients is up to you basically. Computer won't teach you that skill.

As a doctor, I enjoy and looking forward to see my patients in the clinic twice a week and my patients never complain if they have to wait for very long hours to see me. I always oppologise to them for keeping them waiting for so long but they do understand that I have to do my work in the ward or office before I go to the clinic. I love this profession very much. I love my work and what I do. Every morning, I am looking forward to go to work. Since I qualified as a doctor many many years ago, not even one day I feel like lazy to go to work and wanted to stay home and relax. When I was small, my dad used to say to me that a medical doctor was the suitable profession for me. I have to go now because something urgent from the hospital. Chow....

Rabu, 25 Mac 2009

The Beginning of Blogging

At last,I have my own blog...=]
I did it with my own HAND!but of course,with a little help from my adorable niece,Ja..(:
This blog will provide you with all the knowledge and experiences throughout my medical profession... (:
I hope you'll enjoy reading it and give a comment if you want to..hehehe..