Rabu, 23 Jun 2010

My Dad

Today morning, 23/6/2010, I drove to work feeling so sleepy. I went to bed very late in the morning around 3 am. My beloved daddy had a fall from bed (for the second time) and sustained a deep cut on his left upper eye brow. The incident happened at about 10.30pm at night. My eldest brother Abang Ariff just left after visiting my parents. Every Tuesday night, he and wife will come back to my house to have dinner with us. My parents stay with me. Being the only doctor in my family, I am taking the responsibility to look after my parents. Furthermore, I felt that I am very fortunate to be given this opportunity to take care of them. My love to both of them is beyond description. Only the all mighty God knows. Everyday I pray so that they will be with me for the rest of my life. Back to the incident that night, my husband and I rushed to my Dad's room when we were informed by our daughters that their grandfather had fallen from the bed. When we reached the room, I saw my dad was in the pool of blood. So much bleeding from the laceration wound. He screamed in severe pain. My husband and I tried to stop the bleeding by applying a pressure on the wound. My husband cried because he couldn't stand to see my dad in that situation. I didn't loose my focus. I ask him to call for the ambulan from the nearby Klinik Kesihatan. While waiting for the paramedics to come, we carried him back to the bed. I used whatever things around me to stop the bleeding in which at last I managed to control it. While I was controlling the bleeding, I also have to control my feeling. I was so sad but too shy to cry. I ask my daughter Iya to call my youngest sister who is staying nearby and my eldest sister to come to my house. Within 30 minutes, my sisters and I gathered together and tried to calm my dad. He was in terrible pain. My youngest brother got to know about the incident, drove back home from KL. The staffs from the KK were very nice, professional and helpful. He treated my dad very well. My dad had 3 stitches on the forehead. They have to hold him down because he struggled. I guess, he was in severe pain. My dad behaving like a baby. I just couldn't stand to see him in pain. He tried to remove the bandage and the stitches. The wound bled again. I have to calm him down. I begged him not to do it because it would make thing worst. Being a senile old man, he just won't listen. This is the second time he fall from his bed. To prevent him from getting the third time, we decided to buy a special bed for him. I was given the task to find out the relevant information and buy the bed ASAP. We were scared that he wont be lucky next time. My brother told me" we cannot get mum and dad in the supermarket". I felt the same way too. This is the time for us to show our love to them. Our parents are responsible to make what we are now. Especially me. I am very close to my father since I was small. I followed him wherever he went including UMNO and PIBG meetings. He took me around the village on his huge motorbike. We shared a lot of things together. He would tried his very best to please me and to fulfill my request provided it was a reasonable one. Every Hari Raya celebration, instead of spending time and went raya to one house to another with friends, I would followed my dad to visit his brothers and sisters during raya. We went for raya prayer together. My dad is a wonderful father. He valued life differently from other people. The way he looked at things and came out with constructive ideas always make wonders. His wisdom amazed me. He is a man with a good heart and a very resourceful person. I used to ask him a lot of things that I want to know about our religion and our beloved prophet and the history of successful people. I was 7 years old then when my dad told me that becoming a doctor was the suitable profession for me. He said he just knew it. He advice me to study hard and smart so that I can serve the country and our people. At that time I was too young to know and understand. Furthermore, I didn't even know what doctor was. Now I realized that whatever my dad told me when I was small, slowly it become a reality now. Even though my dad is already senile and sometimes could not remember anything, I know he is always there for me. Love your parents and cherish the moments when you still have the time.