Sabtu, 27 November 2010

19th birthday of my daughters

23rd November 2010, my family and I had dinner in EQ Hotel Bangi to celebrate my twins birthday. Being a very busy mother, I only managed to take them to EQ Bangi instead of Shangri La Hotel, the lemon grass restaurant that they love to go. From PD, after the NHMS lV meeting, I have to rush to KL for another meeting at 2.30pm. After the meeting, rushing to fetch Iya in college for the dinner. Ana and my husband were waiting for us at the hotel. After the dinner, off to PD again. However, I decided not to go back to PD that night because it was too late. I went back to PD the next morning just on time for the meeting.
The dinner went well. We had a lovely night and enjoyed the food. My children wanted me to sing the birthday song that I have been practicing for the last a few days loudly but too shy to do it. I sang the song with my very soft and low voice so that they won't get disappointed. There were so many people at the restaurant. Who knows, there will be someone who know me there. Now Ana and Iya are 19. It is an interesting age but more responsibilities. They already in college. They have to realise that education is the most important thing in determining their future. They have to know to divide their time appropriately. Time won't wait for you children. Your are the navigator. Therefore, navigate your time properly. Without you realising it, next year you will be 20 years. There goes your teen. I guess next year, we can have more meaningful birthday celebration. I hope, they will get more mature with the increase of their age. Children nowadays take so long to mature. They should be able to think and decide what best for them and how to run their live. For their birthday at 19th, both of them already have cars. Mobility is no longer a problem but don't miss used it. I hope and pray that they don't miss used the freedom that I gave them. When I was 19th, I have nothing except my myself and my parents didn't remember my birthday. I didn't blame them because they were too busy taking care all of us and providing us with all that we need. I have to encourage myself to study for my future. One thing that was always in my mind was to make my family proud of me and I will be able to take care of them when my parents were old. They didn't ask for reimbursement but I believe that is our duty to look after them after all the suffering and heart broken situations that they have gone through to make me what I am now. My mom can't read and write. The only thing that she can write is an alphabet "A" for Aishah, her name. But it was really amazed me when it come to going to school and doing your school homework, she will be making a lot of noise to remind us again and again. Nagging was normal for her until we got use to it. I don't want to nag too much to Ana and Iya. I showed them a good example. Action is better than words. If they are observant enough, they will know it. I want them to follow the path that already made for them. I guess as a mother, I have to make sure that they don't fall to far away from the principle that I have already made for them. If they do, I will have to bring them back to the original path no matter how. Whatever it is, I know that I have to let them go slowly and guide them along the way. Ana, if you listen to Ibu, I am very sure that you will be successful in your future. Don't under estimate your specialty and talent. I know you have that potential in you, it is just a matter whether you realise it early or late. If you don't, you have to face it with courage and positive thought and remember Allah is always with you. You will dtermine your future. You have to learn to "tadbir" and Allah will fulfill your wish as you asked for. Tuhan yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang. For Iya, ibu hope that you will become a successful doctor in the future. If so, better than I am. However, you should change your attitude and your temper. I know that this bad temper thing runs in the family but you can change it if you want to. As a doctor, you need to be patient and more caring. Listen first before jumping into conclusion. Don't be selfish. Be more responsible for yourself as well others who are meaningful to you. Being a big sister, please advice and take care of your only sister and don't bully her. Tell her your wisdom. You have to be patient with her. Never give up. So good luck children and Ibu hope that you will become daughters that every mothers would like to have. May God bless you always and many happy returns. Selamat Harijadi and Panjang umur.

Selasa, 23 November 2010

Full registration for doctors

Again I was invited to be one of the medical review panel by MMC. I don't know why they like to ask me to be one of the panel. I guess, I have difficulty in saying NO because not many consultants would like to take this task, trying to make recommendations for the future of these "problematic" doctors. Today, we interviewed 6 doctors who wanted to be given their full registration as a medical doctor so that they can safely practice. Out of 6 cases, only one case has truly unavoidable medical problem but the rest have psychiatric problem. Most of them have major depressive disorders or traumatic disorders. Basically they have poor coping ability towards stress and pressure at work as a doctor. In another word, they are so fragile. The job of a doctor is too much to handle. I wonder whether these doctors were exposed to the life of the doctor during their medical school days. Being a qualified doctor but not being able to do clinical work and treat patient, what do we call them? They refused to do on-call duty because too tiring and stressful. These groups of doctors are still being employed by the ministry and put them in the non-clinical areas such as resource center, CSSD, administration and take a role of a health education officer. Some of them are still on anti-depression. Worse still, some of these doctors have bipolar mood disorders and yet the psychiatrist still feel that they can perform their duties as a doctor provided they are on medication and therapy. How sure are we that they will be compliance to their medication. God only knows. The moment they have their full registration, they are free to do whatever they like out there. They already given a license to kill. It is a tough decision of the panel members to make decision on the future of these doctors. How to make our children stronger spiritually and physically probably will have to start from home. Parents play an important role in their children development. Proper up bringing is deems important and necessary to break this chain of depressive future generation of doctors.