Sabtu, 4 September 2010

Geared toward professional medical exam

5 more days before Hari Raya aidilfitri celebration. During fasting month, KKM and people used to refer it to "Kementerian Kuat Makan", not many meetings being conducted. Therefore, I have more free time so called, to teach the medical students especially from the CUCMS. I hope it is the correct short form. I have difficulty in remembering that. Well, it doesn't really matter. I have the last group for this semester before they sit for their professional exam this October. They have been with me before but not specifically the 6 of them in my group. Sharmila, Nadhila (always mistaken with Dhalila), Reen, Shamson (so difficult to pronounce his name and I called him Simpson instead), Zaimi and Khairuddin whom I called Kay. I can see the girls were more proactive, energetic and geared for the exam but not the men. I am not sure whether it is due to fasting month or something else. I hope someone will kick their butts to be more focus and prepare for the coming exam. I guess, girls are doing better than men. I am saying this not because I am a woman or I am sexist, but majority of them from my observation either from CUCMS or UPM, girls are better. Sharmila, she is a funny girl, but very brave and trying her very best to achieve the standard that we wanted. Same as Nadhila. Nadhila still unsure and worry to say or voice out her views. Reen is a quiet girl. I know she knows about many things but too difficult to find the right words to express her opinion. The boys are followers. Zaimi, I think he is thinking in Malay and translated it to English during his presentation. No doubt English is our second language, in medicine, you have no choice. We have to speak English. My English too is not so good but I speak with my family members in English so that I will get better and better. I was from a malay medium school before in so remote kampung school. Used to get so depressed when I couldn't find the right words to say. But, with great determination, perseverance and believing in own self, I managed to improve my English. Now, I can deliver lectures in the international congresses without problem. When my children were still in the primary and secondary school, I used to create an English week at home where everyone have to speak English. If they did speak Malay, their pocket money was cut off. It was so funny because during the so call English week, the house was so quite. Very minimal conversation could be heard. They were using sign languages. Later, when they became more confidence, with the encouragement from the aunties and uncles, alhamdulillah, their English are not so bad after all. So nothing is impossible as long as you asked for it and go for it. It just need a little bit of commitment in whatever you do. Take every matters seriously and you will succeed.