Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Doctor as a patient

My doctors fellow used to say that medical personnels especially doctors are the worse patients that you can have. They normally don't listen to your advise. They have their own way to carry out your instructions. They alter your treatment. They have poor compliance to medications. I do agree and disagree. Not all of us like that. Yesterday, I had a F/U with the doctor for my unhappy triad injury of my left knee. He was quite surprise to see the improvement of my knee comparing with the first time he saw about 2 and a half week ago as well as comparing with the MRI findings. The pain in my knee was almost gone and the range of movement of my knee also was so much better. There was very minimal effusion left. I was very happy. He complimented me for following his advise strictly. He said to me,"If all my patients are like you Dr.Norra, my job will be easier". My daughter, Ana looked at me and add on, "she is a good patient". I told the doctor that I will definitely follow his advise because I want to get better faster and back to my feet again. With my daughters help, I put ice on the injured knee frequently, not to step on the leg at all. I used wheelchair, crutches and walking frame whichever more comfortable and easier until I developed pain in my shoulders and wrists in supporting my left leg. I went for regular physiotherapy and continue to do it at home. Puan Misnah is so kind to teach me a few exercises that I can do at home. I am really scared if the doctor has to do surgery on my knee. Now, I am not worry anymore after the doctor told me that if I am doing well, there will be no indication for surgery. He advised me not to weight bear for 3 more weeks before I can try to partially weight bear. Earlier, a few of my students who have experienced the same injury were giving me advise and their experiences and it does help to reduce my anxiety. We still can learn from our students, no harm. I can see that they are able to walk normally now without surgery. But of course they are young. The healing process is good. I am not saying that I am old but I am very much older than them.....Anyway, I am happy with myself. I will continue to exercise at home in order to strengthen my muscles so that I can walk again. I didn't take any pain killer for my injury. Therefore, not all doctors are difficult patient....

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