Isnin, 28 Mac 2011

Unexpected injury - you can't really predict it.

We know injury or accident can happen to anyone at any time. You can't predict it unless you are intended to harm yourself. It happened to me last weekend on Saturday. It was a terrible accident. My routine during weekend is to bathe my dad because my elder sister has done those duties during week day. Normally my husband will help me to bathe him and I will prepare breakfast for everyone. Last Saturday morning, the day that we were going to have 40 days kenduri tahlil for my beloved mum, at 9am to be exact, my maid and I carried him to the wheelchair and I pushed him to the bathroom. It took me a little bit longer because my Dad decided to pass motion. I waited. After that I cleaned him up. When everything completed, I wheeled him out to the room, dried him with towel and my maid put powder on his body. What I normally do, I will make sure that the water dripping from the wheelchair to be wiped by my maid but that morning I didn't remember to ask my maid to do it. She offered herself to carry my Dad to another wheelchair to put his pampers but I said I could do it myself like I always did. When I just about to transfer him to the other wheelchair I could feel that my left leg slipped to the side which I couldn't control it anymore. Of course, I could not let my dad go, it will be disaster if I did so, so slowly both of us fall down and my dad fall on me without injury except he sustained a small laceration on his right hand. I experienced severe pain in my left knee followed by a click. I screamed my lungs out until I waken up everyone in the house. I was crying due to the severe pain and also due to the frustration and carelessness that I have done. I was in severe pain and my Dad was beside me trying to calm me down. Massaging my knee. His action even make me so sad. My maid called my sister Dek Anor to help to lift up my dad to the wheelchair. I tried to stand up but my knee was giving away and I fall again. I was panic. I stood up again but the same thing happen. Ohhh no!!! I am doom. I couldn't walk. I never given up and I tried again but again I almost fall down. My sister had to get me a wheelchair. a wheelchair that my late mother sit and had her last breath. That situation really make me sad and I cried non stop. My left knee was swollen. My sister advise me to go to the hospital for check-up.
My daughter, Ana drove me to the ED Hospital Serdang. For the first time, I have to allow her to drive and surprisingly she drove well and very careful, full of tension, I guess. On the way to the hospital, I called the orthopedic surgeon on-call, Mr. Maher and asked for his help to assess the injury that I had to my knee.
In ED, they did a good job. Dr.Fahmi, my former HO was there and wheeled me to the observation cubicle. Thanks to all the staffs in ED that attended to me on that day. Everything went smoothly. Well, I was a good patient too. Mr. Maher came and examined my knee. I was suspected to have ACL injury. I still remember my orthopedic knowledge and I know ACL injury was pretty serious. I still hoping that it won't be so serious. Now, I am an OKU, partially. I hope it wont be long. I need to go to work. I am bored. Mungkin ada hikmahnya juga,.....................always look at it positively.
Now I partially dependent on people. I feel everything is so slow. Ana and Iya have to take care of me now temporarily. I still can do many things but my movement is so limited because I need to use wheelchair in the house. I use crutches sometimes but too tiring. Give me a shoulder pain. Huge bandage on my left knee. Tomorrow is the F/U in the clinic. I hope this bandage can be removed.......counting the days...

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